Creating a streamlined, focused and secured environment in your office is easy with Akku. Akku is a network plug and play device that blocks gmail.com in your IP address. Built on custom software and hardware, it blocks consumer e-mail offering increased security for your confidential data

Bring your business to the forefront with Akku, a singular tool that’s built from the ground up for one purpose. Combining the best of hardware and software tools, it blocks consumer Gmail in an office setup. A centralized control system layered with an intuitive UI on top makes it easy for your administrator to monitor the network. It’s backed up by reliable logs and user profile backup making it the only blocking tool you’ll ever need. +

Move from Gmail.com to Yourcompany.com

With Akku, it’s easy to block consumer Gmail (gmail.com) in your organization. It’s an IP-based blocking system that encourages employees to use yourcompany.com domain for emailing. You can also have custom IT policies to allow G Suite apps, other approved websites and maintain data privacy from a centralized Admin panel.

Create Brand Integrity

Get your company’s logo on the email page. Create brand identity with custom login and logout pages. A custom email address @companyname.com goes a long way in creating brand integrity with your clients.

Centralized Control makes Management Easy

Choose to restrict employees from using email addresses hosted on a different domain and allow official domain accounts. Akku simplifies user management by displaying personal profile, records and additional info in a unified user interface. Google apps support directory sync allowing you to sync huge database of user profiles & contacts. Access them anytime, anywhere.

Logs, Backups and the Right
UI to Manage them

Akku bridges the gap between the internet and your office PCs in a secure environment. Each individual employee’s online activities are logged and can be monitored. The web becomes a safer place for the employees and the organization, with these log reports. The UI is designed to make monitoring easy for the administrator.

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Akku vs Competition - What’s best for your organization?

Be it the time it takes to be set up, ease of use or security, Akku is seamless and competent when compared to other similar programs. Our software blocks consumer Gmail efficiently, is plausibly secure and there’s a detailed log to look into when you need to audit. Akku edges past all competitors’ software - not just in one but several other aspects. +

Secure, really secure and we mean it!

Your employees can’t tamper or uninstall Akku but they can do so with other programs. Username and password are safely stored locally unlike our competitor’s solution that relies on a shared server. Akku keeps track of all user logs making it easy to monitor any suspicious activity.

It takes minutes,
not hours to setup Akku!

Installing and setting up Akku is easy compared to similar software programs. Akku doesn’t require installation and only needs a certification push to make it work on every computer in the network. Our competitor’s program requires manual installation as it’s a standalone plugin that runs only on Chrome browsers.

Just blocks, no matter what!

Blocks Gmail.com on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and all major browsers. Works on normal & incognito mode. When someone tries to access them, an error message is displayed in Akku whereas our competitor’s software shows a preview of the page before blocking it.

Reliable backup, always!

Akku stores all incoming and outgoing emails while the competitor tool lacks the feature. An easy to use log keeps track of all incoming, outgoing traffic for added security which is not provided in other third party software making it difficult to collate data.


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