Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among organisations looking for solutions, which are quick to deploy, achieve scalability and drive cost efficiencies. At the same time, organisations are rapidly embracing public clouds, by means of adopting various software-as-a-service (Saas) applications.



Updating your infrastructure requires that your security needs to evolve as well, to protect your organisation regardless of where your infrastructure and applications are running. If your security can’t keep up with the agile public cloud environments of today, it could lead to serious security breaches in your infrastructure.

Akku is your answer to close those gaps.

Simple &


Akku makes it simple for an Organisation to control web access to various sub-domains that cannot be done by a FIREWALL.

Whether for a single office organisation or for a multiple office organization Akku operates through a dynamic hierarchical structure and can easily fit into any existing IT infrastructure.



Switch ON Akku to see the difference

Access Controls allow you to define governance policies. For example, if you are using a cloud service for your word processing, and the documents you create are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and it could lead to data theft unless a set of policies are in place to ensure that your data is protected.
The integrity, reliability and confidentiality of your data can be accomplished through Akku’s access controls by:
  • Restricting Official Data access outside the Corporate Network
  • Restricting Consumer Data access within the Corporate Network
  • Creating Certificate-based Identification
  • Facilitating User-based Authentication
Unwanted Website
Social Media
Other Emails
Remote Users
Private Cloud Server
Personal Gmail
G-Suite Access


Single-Sign-On(SSO) Login Page

Every enterprise needs to have its own Identity Management System to control access to information and its cloud computing resources. Cloud providers usually integrate the customer’s identity management system into their own infrastructure, using SSO technology or provide an identity management system of their own.

Password Policies

Akku’s password policies are stringent and extremely secure. It is designed to enhance security by ensuring that the users set strong passwords that comply with the requirements that Akku has predefined. Also, it allows the administrators to understand which of their users are active, hence validating its use, removing suspicion of misuse and eliminating the possibility of any compromise in security.



Be it the time it takes to be setup, ease of use or security, Akku is seamless, competent and robust when compared to many other similar programs. Our software blocks consumer Gmail efficiently to provide security to your network and provides you with a detailed log to look into when you need to audit any violations or compliance. Akku edges past all competitors software in several aspects.


Secure Really Secure -
We mean it!

Your employees can’t tamper with or uninstall Akku like they could do with other applications. AKKU supports certificate-based authentication. Instead of authenticating a user on the basis of the user’s credentials, you can authenticate a user on the basis of the user’s certificate, which is considered more secure.

Easy Setup

It takes just minutes
to setup Akku - Not hours!

Installing and deploying Akku is very simple compared to similar applications. Akku doesn’t require installation and only needs a certificate push to make it work on every computer on the network.

Many other products from competitors require a manual installation of the application on every device (to be restricted access) through a standalone plug-in. This makes a user susceptible to tampering and changing settings without the Admin’s knowledge. Akku has no such limitation and is deployed and controlled at the network level, therefore tampering with the settings is not possible once set by the company admin.

Block Email

Blocks cloud based
email services -No matter what!

Akku blocks consumer email and other services on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and all major browsers. It works when users are in normal or in incognito/privacy/stealth mode within browsers. When a user tries to access a consumer email or other company-restricted service, Akku displays an error message thereby not allowing the user to have access to their corporate email and personal email at the same time. This discourages data theft and takes an important step in protecting company related data and IP.



Got questions on how Akku works? Are you interested in finding out how blocking access to personal mails in your office will increase productivity and security in your business network?

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